Meet the Team

Meet our wonderful staff and instructors at BRiTE!

Our Founders

Dr. James Becker

Chair of Neuropsychology

Dr. Oscar Lopez

Chair of Neurology

Dr. Elizabeth Skidmore

Chair of the OT Department

Our Staff

Robin Sullivan

Program Coordinator

Our Instructors

Heather DiCicco

Marimba Instructor

Jennie Dorris

Music Instructor

Leigh Ann Hillegas

Art Therapy Instructor

George Latta

Balance Instructor

Colleen Lynch-Harshman

Yoga Instructor

David Slaughter

Tai Chi Instructor

Rachael Wonderlin

Improv Instructor

Let’s build something together.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

*Virtual Program is available via Zoom Meetings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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